About the author

My ancestors both on the paternal and maternal sides were soldiers of the Russian Imperial Guards.  I was born in 1987 in Selizharovo, Tver Oblast (a region between Moscow and Saint Petersburg). I developed my interest in the German language through participation and winning in school, municipal and regional contests. In 2004 I won the third place in the nationwide German language olympiad which allowed me to be enrolled at any Russian university without any admission testing and study there for free. I chose the oldest University of Russia, Moscow University, where I studied German linguistics. During my study time I learned the profession of German-Russian translator too. I translated two books on medicine. From 2004 till 2012 I translated and interpreted on the following themes: CeBIT, Hannover Messe, Galileo series, multimedia educational software, legal and taxation consultations, sewerage, injection moulding, high bay warehouse, garden centres, meat processing machines. In 2010 I graduated from Moscow University and entered a state sponsored doctoral programmme there. My careful study of the philosophy of science offered by the doctoral programme encouraged me to leave university and to concentrate on private teaching. From 2012 till 2019 I prepared 14 students from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Berlin, Zürich, Bratislava who received the C1 level certificate of the German language exam TestDaF. This certificate allows them to be admitted at any German, Swiss or Austrian university at any time. In 2018 I prepared a student with no linguistic background for the TestDaF certificate with the highest possible marks (TDN5 in reading, listening, writing and speaking). This result was achieved only by 2,5 % of all persons who have been passing this exam since 2001. In 2020 I finished my three years’ work on the book „The German word collocations”.